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Why are we 'Pratty Flowers'?

In 2016 The WI decided that each local WI chould adopt their own 'strapline' if they wished and after many suggestions and a vote our members chose 'Pratty flowers'. 'Pratty' is the Yorkshire version of 'Pretty' and 'Pratty Flowers' is an old English Folk song which has retained enormous popularity in Holmfirth.  Historically it has been sung annually at the 'Holmfirth Feast Sing', held in Victoria Park a week before Whitsun, which has lead to it being adopted as the 'Holmfirth Anthem'. It is still sung at local Holme Valley events and we've also had a go at singing it at one of our main meetings.
If you want more, click this link to read the music and sing along:

Abroad for pleasure as I was a-walking
It was one summer, summer’s evening clear
O, there I beheld a most beautiful damsel
Lamenting for her shepherd dear
Lamenting for her shepherd dear

Dearest evening that e’er I beheld thee
Was ever more with the lass I adore
Wilt thou go fight yon French and Spaniards?
Wilt thou leave me thus, my dear?
Wilt thou leave me thus my dear?

No more to yon green banks will I take thee
With pleasure for to rest thyself and view the lands
But I will take thee to yon green garden
Where the pratty flowers grow
Where the pratty, pratty flowers grow

Images courtesy of Huddersfield Exposed,, Holmfirth Choral Society, and Holmfirth Rotary Club

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