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WI Supporters

Of course, we would love for you to join our Holmfirth WI membership but for those of you who would like to support what the WI does but are for whatever reason, don’t want to or cannot become a member of a group, the federation has created a new initiative called WI Supporters*.


This enables women to support the WI without the commitment of membership. If you are one of those who would like to support us without becoming a member of a group then this may be suitable for you to still give your support and take an interest in the WI.


There are two options to choose from with different levels of access to WI resources;


Option 1 - Basic Supporter – Minimum Donation £5


This is an introduction to the WI on a basic Level, at this level you will receive a package of promotional materials which cover many of the things we support including the WI campaigns.


Option 2 – Supporter Plus – Minimum Donation £18


This level is more involved and is for women who are interested in joining the WI but cannot find or a suitable group. This level allows limited access to the MyWI website (relevant content only), it also includes a subscription to the WI Life magazine, campaign resources and 2 Denman courses (1 live and 1 on demand).

If you are interested in becoming a WI Supporter then please contact the National Federation and they will contact you with all the necessary enrolment information.

*Please remember that these Supporter options do not include membership, nor the monthly meetings of a group. Supporters will also not be able to vote on resolutions nor constitutional matters.

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